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how to win back your girlfriend

how to win back your girlfriend

Separation with your lady love is always sad and sometimes devastating – but it doesn’t mean it is permanent.  There are ways how to win back your girlfriend if she is still the one that you really like.  Knowing the strategies and putting them to use won’t hurt.  Taking action is still better than just accepting the situation when you really are hurting.  Try the following:

  1. Give her space, especially when the decision to break-up came from her.  Chances are she is just suffocated with too much of your togetherness and maybe needs to find herself.  It may be hard to stop communicating with her when you are very used to it, but you have to do it. If you really miss her, there’s a possibility that she is feeling it too. Don’t panic and be patient.

  2. Have a life, especially after a very hurting separation.  Though it is good to go through the pain at times, don’t linger on it too long.  Go out with your friends and family.  Divert your attention to other things.  Engaging in a new activity is recommended.

    end will find out soon enough that you have been coping well and this will make her think you are strong.

  3. Communicate once in a while after sometime.  Sending a text message or dropping a line through email is recommended.  Keep the tone of your message very general like saying “how are you?” This will make her think she is still on your mind.  She will feel special again and will be relaxed with you.  Making her guilty by sending long messages about how hard it is for you without her just won’t work.

  4. Be visible still.  Ask your common friends to help you arrange it.  Should you get the chance to brush elbows or talk to her, make the tone light.  Never bring up past arguments.  Just be friendly and casual to her or crack jokes sometimes.  This will make you more attractive to her.  A lady will definitely dislike a nagging ex-boyfriend.  Should she be dating another guy, try to be composed even if you are already fuming with jealousy.  No need to look pathetic. Just wave or flash them a smile and engage yourself in a conversation with your friends.

  5. Don’t show up with a new date or different dates every time.  This will hint that you are just showing off.  It is also a turn off to ladies that it is so easy for you to just replace her. Date another lady only when you are emotionally ready. Should your ex still care and want you back, it will be easier for her to say so if you stay unattached.

  6. Be open to possibilities.  It is wise to do something to win back your ex, but you should also be ready to accept the end of the line for you both.  Should this be the case, it’s ideal to stay as friends.  Things may change in the future and she may find out you are still the best choice for her.

How to win back your girlfriend depends on the effort you exert.  Taking the above tips seriously won’t hurt.  This can be a key for you to renew your feelings with each other.  It also pays to stay positive.


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