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how to win child custody

how to win child custody

If you are interested to know how to win child custody, start by familiarizing yourself with the applicable child custody laws in your state. Then prepare to show to the court that you are the better parent and more than capable to raise your child. However, you must realize that at the end of the day, the decision of the court is always for the best interests of your child. The future of your child can only be secured when he or she is under the care and supervision of someone who is not only capable financially but also interested in loving and looking after his or her welfare. If you are not sure if the other party is capable of doing these things, you better make sure that you get sole custody over your child. Read on below for the applicable tips:

  1. Study the laws applicable on child custody cases. Although your family law lawyer is capable of representing your interests in the case, it is still advantageous to get yourself involved in the progress of the case. Review child custody laws and other related jurisprudence so when you discuss the case, you understand what your attorney has to say.

  2. Don’t be motivated by revenge. Even if you believe that the other party really wronged you, taking revenge is never a good idea. Never target anything or someone precious to the other party such as your child. If your ex-spouse betrayed you which eventually resulted in the dissolution of your marriage, trying to get sole custody of your child just to hurt him or her won’t do any good. This will only make you lose the case because the court can sense that you are an unfit parent.

  3. Present evidence. In every statement, accusation, or allegation that you make, always support it with factual and compelling evidence. Some of the activities that you can allege to prove that the other party is an unfit parent include the following: addiction (porn, alcohol, or drugs), commission of a felony or conviction, violent behavior, inability to provide support like joblessness, abusive attitude, not supportive of your child’s education, mental illness, etc.

  4. Present witnesses. When you allege mental illness or violent behavior, you should present a psychiatrist to corroborate your statement. You can also ask some of the people who are close to the other party to testify about any undesirable behavior or activity that he or she has been doing. This will further convince the court that indeed the other party is an unfit parent or poses a threat to your child.

  5. Prove that you are the better parent. This is called the “better parent standard.” Whether you are seeking sole custody or you believe that the other party is entirely unfit to raise your child, you have to prove to the court that you are the better parent. To win child custody, bear in mind that the burden of proof required for the parent seeking custody is quite high. In other words, you have to establish that you are certainly able to care for your child even without the aid of the other party. While establishing your case, it is not advisable to attack your counterpart.

  6. Concede for temporary custody in the meantime. This is your chance to prove to the court that you only have your child’s best interests at heart. Don’t be affected by the fact that the other party has sole custody of your child at the moment. Instead, fulfill the duties and obligations a responsible parent is required to do in order to increase your chances to win the case.

Divorce, per se, is tormenting, and facing a child custody case can make everything very devastating. To save you from further tears, the tips above on how to win child custody can greatly help you. It is understood that being away from your child is like a nightmare. Certainly, you would not want to be deprived of your natural and fundamental right to look after the welfare of your child. Your child’s best interests must be your primary focus.


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