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how to win him back

how to win him back

Having lost your boyfriend is a sad thing.  How to win him back is a goal you can work on.  As they say, losing after you have done everything is better than not having done anything at all.  A positive attitude is recommended when doing the following suggestions:

  1. Stay detached from him for quite some time.  Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Being very visible and going near him would look pathetic and will just annoy him.  Should you be in the same room with him, try to ignore him, but if you happen to see him across the room, simply wave or flash him a smile.

  2. Never say negative things about your ex-boyfriend to your common friends.  Gossip spreads around really fast.  It will surely reach him soon enough.  It will be a real turn-off and will only justify that it is good that you have parted ways already.  He may have hurt you depending on the reason why you broke up, but these things should be left between the two of you if you still want him back.


  3. Look your best.  Seeing you still attractive and chic will make him regret losing you.  Looking good can also make you feel good about yourself.  This will serve a double purpose because it can also make you attractive to other guys.  Physical appearance catches the eye and everything starts from there.

  4. Engage yourself in new activities.  Diverting your mind from him can help in healing a broken heart.  Though it is good to let the sad feelings out by confiding to a friend or family member, it is best to free yourself from it soon.  Knowing that you are living your life beautifully despite his absence will make him appreciate you more.  No guy would like an overly clingy woman who can’t live without him.

  5. Don’t play hard to get.  Should you receive messages from your ex, reply with a question to encourage a conversation.  There are romances that are rekindled by these positive messages.  You can also send a message or two once in a while.  This will make him think that you are open to any possibility.  What you had was something special and it is best to end up as friends than enemies.

  6. Be patient.  Your ex may be dating another lady, but this does not mean they will end up being married.  You can also open your heart to another boyfriend, but just don’t do this to compete.

  7. Don’t go around with a cover up boyfriend just to make him jealous.  Almost always, men are possessive.  They want their woman exclusively for them.  Seeing you with someone else, especially when it is not for real, will just push him away.  This will give him the impression that you are not a good catch after all.  Date only when you are emotionally ready.

The above efforts on how to win him back may not be easy and can take a long time.  Patience is a necessity here and you cannot force the issue.  Rome was not built in one day, so they say.  It pays to stay optimistic too while you live your life without him for the time being.


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