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How to Wow a Girl With a Passionate Kiss

How to Wow a Girl With a Passionate Kiss

You’re out on a date, and you know it’s the perfect time to give the gorgeous girl in front of you a kiss or two. Whether you’re in a long-time relationship or a first date, your wheelhouse of tricks must include knowing how to wow a girl with a passionate kiss. The way you kiss plays an important role in the chemistry of your relationship, and if you get it wrong, it’s hard to recover. Follow these tips to take your kissing skills to the next level.

  1. Don’t rush. The first and most important rule is to take it slow. Rushing into the moment only makes you seem too eager, which may come off as rude or crude. Make your girl feel comfortable by easing into the moment. Try cracking jokes, talking about light topics, or whispering sweet nothings into her ear. When you sense that she’s relaxed and perhaps anticipating your next move, the right moment has come.

  2. When you feel the perfect moment has come, lean in slowly, and stop about half an inch close to her lips.

    l know she’s ready when she responds and leans in too. Then, close your eyes and go in for the kiss.

  3. Keep it moist, not wet. Once you’ve positioned your lips on hers, keep the kiss going, and make sure you’re giving just the right amount of moisture. You want her to be taken away with passion, not grossed out.

  4. Use your hands. A passionate kiss doesn’t just involve your lips doing all the action. Up the sensuality with your hands to add excitement to the kiss. Place one hand behind her back and stroke gently as the kiss goes on. Then, place your other hand at the back of her neck. You can also softly, sensually stroke her back, toward her waist area, and down her side. This will make her feel tingly and more receptive to your kiss.

  5. Keep it thrilling. A passionate kiss is never boring. Alternate between slow and aggressive moves, but be sure to stay within the set boundaries, especially if you haven’t established a stable relationship yet. Whatever your move, make sure that you have her consent, yet be daring enough to initiate the excitement, like grazing your thumb over her abdomen or drawing her closer to your body.

  6. Make eye contact. Just before you close your eyes, make sure to have a moment of eye contact. Alternate eye contact with closed eyes throughout the kiss, as this deepens the connection and lets her know that you care and are crazy about her. Moreover, it sends thrills down both of your spines since the feeling of vulnerability makes the kiss more exciting. '

  7. Maintain sensual touches. Even after the kiss is over, show her that you liked kissing her by still sensually touching her. You can stroke her hair or neck. You can also leave your hand over her back or have her leaning against you with your arm around her. Showing affection even after the kiss makes you more of a gentleman and emphasizes your passion.

Follow the surefire steps above to make your girl feel extra special. Knowing how to wow a girl with a passionate kiss gets the chemistry and excitement going. Using not just your lips, but also your hands and eye contact, is the perfect way to let her know that you cannot get enough of her. You’ll see that she will be more receptive to your attempts at affection once you’ve made her feel warm and thrilled with your passionate kisses.


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