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how to write a book report college level

how to write a book report college level

After high school, you would think that you are already done with book reports. Not exactly, because in college, one of the challenges you need to work on again is how to write a book report college level. This fact should not scare you in any way because that is still part of the educational process you have to go through. For as long as you know where to start and at what point you should end your report, you can perfectly accomplish the task. Remember that a good book report contains a clear summary of the whole content of the book. Therefore, you will need to extract only those significant parts of the book and come up with a better analysis. Don’t forget to incorporate your opinion in your report. The top secret to producing an A+ book report is to have very thorough research. Take the following steps and let us see how you can finish the job excellently.

  1. Deeply understand the story of the book. You might be asking yourself how to correctly read a book. There is no settled rule on that. Just don’t skip several pages only to finish reading the book.

    here is even no identified motivational tool on how to drive a reader to keep reading except the very story of the book itself.  Since you are required to make a book review, you have to understand what you are about to write on.

    Read the book page by page and in-between the lines. You can finish one chapter right after your class in the afternoon, and then proceed to the next chapter after dinner. The rest of the book may be finished the next day. You can continue reading during early dawn if that is workable on your part.

  2. Write down important details to serve as an outline. As you read, you can write down significant details of the story. If you personally bought the book, you might as well use a pen to highlight important details.

    What the about the details anyway? The overall plot of the story, which you will write later on, will include the names of the characters, story setting, and time. There are dates like months or years that you might need to specify. By citing specific details, you can convince your instructor that indeed you know what you just wrote.

    Let us say in the book “Compelling Evidence” by Steve Martini, you should take note when  the husband died, how long was the trial period, and what was the verdict, if any,  promulgated.

  3. Start with a strong opening statement. The importance of posing a very strong opening statement is to make your book review inviting. In the cited book sample in No. 2, you can write “Is the wife guilty as accused?” or “Realizing that you have actually made a huge mistake that happens in the end and never at the start.” or “What is the propriety or legal implication when a lawyer is defending his ex-lover?”

    Your opening statement is the main drive why your readers should go on reading your report. Likely, readers will finish reading just to find out the answer or the truth in your opening statement.

  4. Introduce the book and the author. The best way to introduce your subject book is to mention the fact that it is best selling, if such is the case, or to specifically state that it is the debut novel of the author. You may also add that the book is already available in all leading bookstores in your area.

    As for the author, mention his or her complete name correctly. Write a few sentences about his or her writing credentials; like how many top-selling books have already sold successfully. Include also his or her profession and current location.

  5. Write the basic plot of the book. To some, they said that the plot is the most important part of a book report. The plot is more of a summary type; hence, you cannot overdo it. Your guide is the 4W-1H rule. You need to answer the what, who, where, when, and the how.

    For instance, in the book sample, the “what” refers to the killing of Ben, the husband of the accused Talia, to the case itself, and to the circumstantial evidence gathered. The “who” refers to Ben who is the victim, to Talia who is the accused, to Paul who is the lawyer and the ex-lover of Talia, and to Nikki who is the wife of Paul. The “where” is the setting of the story like where did the killing happen and where the case was tried. The “when” refers to the date when the killing took place and all other relevant dates. Lastly, the “how” is about the act of killing, the defense tactics of Paul, and, of course, the courtroom drama of the story.

  6. Close the book report with a good conclusion. An excellent conclusion is able to sum up the relationship, principles, and generalizations of the report. The conclusion can be contained in two to three short paragraphs carefully discussing, not repeating, the theme of the book. It is a big “no” to start your paragraph with “I, therefore, conclude” or “To conclude.”

    The first sentence can say, “As far as the courtroom drama and the characters are concerned, both were nicely presented like a real-life scenario” and then go on with the rest.

  7. Express your opinion and recommendation about the story. Your opinion can be corroborative in support of or responsive to your opening statement. The most important thing is you can establish a close connection between your opinion and the story of the book.

    For instance, on the opening statement which says “What is the propriety or legal implication when a lawyer is defending his ex-lover?” you can conclude that, although there seems to be a conflict of interest when Paul started to defend Talia, it was still Paul’s legal obligation to fairly defend the accused regardless of his misgivings, and it was his moral obligation to save the accused from death row.

  8. Proofread the output and get ready submit it. After completing your book report, do not review nor proofread it right away. If you do so, you can hardly spot clerical and grammar errors. Take a rest for about an hour or so and then proofread your output at least twice. Finally, print it in accordance with the paper and printing guidelines set by your instructor, and then submit it on or before the due date.

This time, you must have realized that how to write a book report college level is not scary. Rather, it is both fun and thrilling.  As long as you know how to go about a particular college paper project and you find joy in doing it, there is no reason why it cannot be completed as required.


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