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how to write a Christmas letter

how to write a Christmas letter

The holiday season is a very festive occasion every year. People are busy buying gifts, decorating the house and preparing special meals for the day. It is probably the busiest time of the year but it should be the most meaningful time too. From celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, this occasion has evolved into a special time amongst family and friends to spend time together and show appreciation to each and every one. This is becoming the perfect time to keep in touch with the people close to our hearts. What better way than to express this than in a letter? Let me show you how to write a Christmas letter meaningfully and interestingly for the recipient.

With the growth of communication technology, it is actually ironic that we tend to forget to really converse with people close to us. The holiday season gives us the opportunity to open the lines of communication again. Call me old-fashioned but there is nothing more heartwarming and sincere than a traditional letter. Sending generic cards with generic verse to everyone you know doesn’t really ignite anything.


Writing Christmas letters should be something to be remembered, something to smile and even laugh about. It should give off positive feelings, timely for the Christmas occasion. Here are some tips on how to write a Christmas letter.

  1. The content is what makes any letter interesting. You can recount special events, achievements or happenings that occurred during the year. Be careful, though, that it doesn’t sound like you’re bragging. You can always tailor it to whomever you are writing to. For example, you can always tell your grandparents everything you have achieved because they will be mighty proud.

  2. Make your letters personal. Include things that you can both relate to rather than just copying lines out of books. Look back at special memories that you share and start from there. Be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Remember that even in letter a person can tell if you are being phony.

  3. Christmas letters don’t need to be serious to be meaningful. Remember that this is a happy and joyous time. Your tone can be too. I’m sure that a happy letter will be greatly appreciated anywhere.

  4. We are in the age of technology; a standard old fashion style may not work all the time. People are impressed by various graphic designs so a simple letter may not be as exciting. Try different forms of letter making. For example, if you are working on letter to your parents and you want to update them with all that has happened with the kids and the whole family, why not make a story and include some pictures?

  5. Be extra-creative when telling your news. There are so many forms that your letter can take. You can make a song lyric out of it, a script to narrate a funny conversation or even a make a game out of it.

  6. Change the tone or the persona of the letter. Of course you are an interesting person but wouldn't it be nice if your newborn child were the one “writing” the letter. I even once read a letter “written” by the family dog and it was hilarious that it was coming from the point of view of a dog, especially when the dog was describing how, with all the deliciously cooked food in the house, all he got was a bone.

There are absolutely no rules that govern how to write a Christmas letter, especially if you are making one for someone close to you.  Be sincere, be joyous and make them happy with your wonderful letters!


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