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how to write a cover letter

how to write a cover letter

Job searches can be tiring, especially if you do not know how to go about the process. Preparing application materials, like a resume and cover letter, is just part of the entire process. It is not only your resume that counts; a cover letter is a major part of the application process. This letter is essentially the applicant’s introductory statement. First, you should know that a cover letter is always a one-page document, so do not exceed that. This simply means that the contents of the letter must be short and concise, direct and relevant. There are four major parts of the letter: the header, brief introduction, the body, and a brief closing statement. Here are few tips on how to write a cover letter.

  1. Ensure there is a header like in a business-letter style. Being the sender, put in your complete name. Also include your address and contact information. This is followed by the name and address of the recipient and the date when the letter is supposed to be sent.

    Also, you can indicate the main gist of the letter which is the position you are applying for.

    For example, you can write “RE: Computer Operator at Smart Communications.”

    The last part of the header is the salutation like “Dear Sir or Madam.” If you know the name of the human resource and personnel officer of the company, then indicate it correctly, e.g. “Dear Mr. John Doe.”

  2. Make the introduction very brief. In this portion you only need to refer to the desired position. Make sure you write the correct description of the job. Your presentation style should be interesting and attention-grabbing. More importantly, it is a big no-no to just say that you are applying for “any position” that fits your qualifications. Once you do that, then your chance of being employed is almost zero. Why? It is because you are not supposed to burden the employer to peruse the list of vacancies and find out what suits you.

  3. Highlight important points in the body of the cover letter. This portion should focus on you and your skills and qualifications. Tell them why you are interested in the job vacancy as well as what you can contribute to the company. Summarize your qualifications, set of skills, and previous relevant experience.

  4. A good closing is highly essential. The closing is just a summation of the whole cover letter. This should indicate the next thing that you expect to do. For example, you may say that you would like to call the employer after seven days to follow up the status of your application. To some, they said that this kind of statement is too direct. The indirect way of doing it is simply to say that you are looking forward to any updates from the employer. End the letter with a closing like “Sincerely yours” or “Respectfully yours” and then write your name and signature. You can also put in the word “Encl” to inform the employer of any enclosures.

The tips above will ensure you know how to write a cover letter correctly. There are various samples provided on the Internet, and you should check on that. A cover letter must be taken seriously because it is the very first sample of writing your potential employer will read.  


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