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how to write a good introduction for a research paper

how to write a good introduction for a research paper

You’ll get a lot of help on how to write a good introduction for a research paper online. It was not as easy as that before. Now you can have immediate access to the different introductory styles for your research paper in just one setting in front of your computer. No more lengthy research from the library and, most of all, no more vague materials for your paper. You can have all the information you need to ask the right questions and support your arguments while religiously following your theme. Like any other composition, you have to capture your readers the moment they lay their eyes on the introduction of your research paper. You can actually make a serious topic interesting to them just by popping an intriguing question in the beginning. Their curiosity to know how things will be resolved around the controversy will entice them to read more, and they won’t even notice that they have finished reading the whole research paper from cover to cover.

  1. Prevent your topic from becoming an isolated case, but avoid information overload at the same time.

    ot more than five sources are ideal. Choose reliable sources. Be careful with unfounded opinions posted by unrecognized individuals in the field. Government and educational sites are good sources of information. Any official sites can provide legitimate reports on a subject matter. You can judge its credibility by analyzing their domain names and the activities that they do.

  2. Captivate readers by highlighting the theme with just one sentence. It will serve as the summary of your arguments that should not contain more than five. A clear, active voice will be viable to be elaborated on in the content of your research paper. You can lead your readers to navigate with you as they go through the details of your research in just around 50 enticing words or less. You can go around limiting the number of words without sacrificing the quality of the content. Just don’t linger in controlling the flow of your words.

  3. Print a bird’s eye view of your research paper as your guide. You do not want to get carried away with other incidents that you came across during your research. Organization is a big factor to success. Time pressures will not affect you when you always know what to prioritize. Stay with the plan but also have some flexibility to be creative with your work. This will make your research paper more interesting.

  4. Do not use the theme in the first sentence. A well-thought-out introductory line will make it stand out based on the personality of your prospective readers. The influence that your theme brought to the lives around you, including your own in particular, will be a very real eye-opener to those who happen to read your research paper. The environment may differ according to the nature of the kind of topic assigned, such as a biology or literature paper, but you still have to express your amazement for the effects they brought about in the real sense of the world.

  5. Strategize the position of your research paper theme with a proper introduction. The theme must not leave the thoughts of the readers as they explore the material more. Placing it on the last sentence of the first paragraph is often very effective. Though it should not be limited in that area because not all research papers are the same. You should show your originality by determining the theme’s right position based on the body of your project. You’ll know better than anyone else.

Providing the specifics is not indicated in the guidelines on how to write a good introduction for a research paper. To the contrary, introduction components are even generalized. However, despite being general, they are structured to reveal a little bit of the whole thing.


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