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how to write a great resume

how to write a great resume

In your pursuit to find a decent job, there are at least two documents you need to prepare initially and submit eventually. These are your cover letter and resume. It is imperative, therefore, that you know how to write a great resume and create a lasting impression. A resume should highlight an individual applicant’s background, experience, and set of skills relevant to the position. It should be concise and straightforward. No employer wants to read through a lengthy resume. Here are a few tips to help you develop an impressive, appealing, and attention-grabbing resume.

  1. Your resume must reflect that you are a potential employee. Always focus on your strong points. For example, if you are applying for an executive position, list work experience and other relevant items, such as attending seminars dealing with leadership, planning and execution, and team management. Do away with unnecessary items because they will only unnecessarily lengthen your resume.

  2. If you include an objective, make sure it is clear, concise, and focused.

    The heading can have two to three sentences pertaining to your career objective. Highlight your previous work experiences, qualifications, and major accomplishments.

  3. In most cases, employers do not really read resumes in details especially if there are tons of applicants coming in. What they do is take a glance at each resume and look only for relevant information. Therefore, you should include previous employers, positions, and length of employment. Include other relevant information, such as educational background, other relevant experiences, such as seminars and training, and special skills and talents. As for education, mention the university or college you attended, your degree, and any honors or academic distinctions received if any.

  4. Lastly, though not mandatory, you can indicate “References upon request” at the end if you want. This tells the employers that you are ready to support your qualifications with the word of previous employers or coworkers.

Should you want more information on how to write a great resume and see some samples, just look for more material on the Internet; there is much available. Good luck!  


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