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How to write a letter to Santa

How to write a letter to Santa

How to write a letter to Santa? Let me help you with this. You must be a good child to think of this one now that Christmas is fast approaching. Don’t let this chance pass you by. Have that letter written in no time. Santa just needs to be reminded with all the children he has on his list. You just have to be direct, short, and precise for your requests. You will surely get what you deserve if you act immediately following these steps:

  1. If you are not in school now, purchase a pen and pieces of paper from your savings. You can also ask your parents or siblings nicely to give you these materials for your personal use. If they don’t have spare ones, just borrow them for few days and make sure to return them after finishing your letter.

  2. Gather your thoughts and remember that special something that you've been asking your parents for but still do not have for whatever reason. It will surely brighten up your day when you finally find it under the Christmas tree on Christmas day.

  3. Put the date of your letter at the right side of the paper. Start by writing “Dear Santa” on the next line after the date but from the left side moving to the right. Do not forget to add a comma after “Santa.” In proper letter writing, this is called the salutation.

  4. Confirm that you have been very good or at least have been trying to be good for the whole year. He has his way of knowing this already, but he will surely be happy knowing this from you directly.

  5. Be courteous in your phrases. Say “please” when asking for your desired gift. Good manners really please Santa. This will inspire him to prioritize you on his list.

  6. Mention also your next choice for a gift just in case Santa won’t be able to find your number one choice. Also let him know about other alternatives that you might like to receive also.

  7. Santa will sense your kindness if you also ask for gifts for your brothers and sisters who can’t or might not be able to write a letter to Santa.

  8. Always thank Santa for his generosity. You can tell him how much you appreciate your gift from last year’s Christmas day and how much more grateful you’ll be to receive a gift again this year.

  9. End your letter with “Love” “Sincerely” or “Patiently waiting for you” with a comma after the word or phrase. Sign your full name or just your nickname. Whichever way, he will know that it’s you.

  10. Request your parents, legal guardians, or any adult in the house to mail the letter to Santa for you. Do not be too secretive with your letter to Santa.  An open letter will even be better because a lot of people will be reminded of your wishes to Santa. They can also correct your letter if there are some grammatical or spelling mistakes. You will definitely learn a lot from it.

How to write a letter to Santa must come from the heart. You know that greed will not have a place in Santa’s territory so make sure that your requested gifts will not be over the top. Think of other children also especially the ones with no fathers and mothers. Santa will be able to give more gifts if you won’t ask for very expensive ones. Always be thankful for whatever you get whether it’s on your list or not. It’s still a blessing that can multiply when you are grateful.


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