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how to write a personal statement for scholarships

how to write a personal statement for scholarships

So you want that scholarship badly but you don’t know how to start writing down the required personal statement. Don’t fret. Start working on the necessary steps you need to take to get that coveted scholarship. First, you need to know how to write a personal statement for scholarships. There are tons of scholarships available out there. Writing a statement that makes your reader want to know you more is your primary aim. Second, get down to writing it. Many dreamers have watched their dreams pass by because they never got around to doing the second step. What is a personal statement in the first place? A personal statement is your ticket to that much aspired interview to get a scholarship or fellowship. It is practically selling your story and convincing your reader that your priorities, abilities and disposition guarantee your success in the program you intend to pursue. Here are the steps in making a personal statement for scholarships:

  1. Introduce yourself. Be personal in your tone. Show your individuality.

    e sure to mention all your pertinent qualifications. Cite your achievements, recognitions and talents that are related to the field of study being pursued. The introduction should grab your reader’s attention.

  2. Relate your past and present academic experiences. Show how they have influenced your present choices. Discuss how they have opened opportunities for you to grow and blossom into the person you are now. Show how your experiences have transformed you into a better and more skilled person. More importantly, relate how these experiences have prepared you to take the next level in your academic pursuit.

    You may also include lessons learned from failures or regrets. Explain how these have shaped you, made you a better person and drove you to pursue your chosen field. Persistence is a virtue your reader will surely appreciate.

  3. Make sure to cite proofs that show your intellectual curiosity, motivation and leadership qualities. Cite insights you have learned from these experiences. Show how you can make use of these in your future pursuits. Your reader will be interested to know how you spend or manage your time. Relate what usually preoccupies you. Your reader would be interested to see how you have been productive with your time.

  4. Discuss your present interests. Be sure to relate them to your present choice of study. Be clear about your goals – what you want to achieve and accomplish through the program and after your completion of it. Define your goals. Tell your reader what he or she can expect you to do in the program if awarded with a given scholarship.

  5. Define your values and work ethics. Show concrete evidence of these in your past involvements. Your reader would want to know how your life has demonstrated these. Be sure to tell an authentic story. Be honest. It is important to know your worth and the values that guide you in accomplishing your goals in life.

  6. Remember to tailor your statement to the kind of scholarship you seek. Read about the preferences of the committee or individual persons who will read your statement. Learn more about the scholarship. You can interview previous applicants. Ask both successful and unsuccessful applicants to share their experiences to gain insights in improving your statement and avoid repeating their mistakes.

Whether you get the scholarship or not, it is good to be sure that you have left your reader with an impressive personal statement that might eventually open a door for you in the future.


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