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how to write a public speech

how to write a public speech

To learn how to write a public speech is not only easy but also fulfilling. And it also exercises your mind to think. First off, there are different kinds of speeches. One is the informative speech, which has the main goal of informing the audience about a particular subject. Another type is a demonstrative speech, which is very similar to the first but also includes steps to demonstrate or show how to do specific thing. A third kind is the persuasive speech. It is meant to change the current beliefs of the audience into believing what the speech says. There are other types of speeches, but these three are the most basic. Now, let’s move onto successfully writing a public speech.

  1. If the choice of topic rests in your hand, you will need to consider many things before deciding. First is the audience. What is their age group, their interests, the conference or event theme, and so on. Questions like these should guide you in selecting a relevant topic.

  2. Once you have chosen a topic, decide on the kind of speech you’d want to deliver to this particular group.

    ase your decision on what outcome you want. For example, if you want people to say no to abortion, you would write a persuasive speech.

  3. Also, make sure that the topic is specific. It will be hard to give a speech on a very broad topic. The audience will have a harder time grasping your main points and ideas. For instance, if your topic is love, it is just too vague. Simplify and focus on a certain aspect, such as young love, forbidden love, or getting over a past lover.

  4. Once you have a specific topic, start by making a list of points that you want to discuss and emphasize. This is going to be the skeleton of your speech, so make sure you include all the major points you want to discuss. When planning out the speech, also keep in mind how much time you have.

  5. It’s time to write your speech. Always begin your speech with an introduction or an overview of the topic. You should prepare the audience so they know generally what to expect from your speech. The start of a good speech should be catchy to capture the audience’s attention. You can start with an astonishing fact, a joke, or an interesting quote.

  6. Next comes the body of your speech. Here, you can discuss your researched arguments and/or information thoroughly. This is the most important part as it is the meat of the speech. Make sure that all your facts are correct and backed up with research.

  7. Last is the conclusion. Wrap up the topic, argument, and ideas in this part of the speech. If the introduction captures the attention, this part should give your audience something to ponder.

Knowing how to write public speeches can be very useful since there are so many occasions that call for it, such as various occasions like weddings, birthdays, and reunions. So master the steps and practice writing your very own speech!


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