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How to Style Micro Braids

How to Style Micro Braids

Micro braids are a widely-recognized part of African-American hair culture. They are neat and fashionable, making them an attractive option for many. At the same time, micro braiding and styling is hard to do and time-consuming. To save time and ease the efforts of stylists, some techniques and gadgets are available. Read on to learn more about how to style micro braids:

  1. If you have the stamina, then do the micro braids yourself. Otherwise, go to the salon and allow the experts to do it for you. If you have short hair and want to make simple micro braids, you will require micro braid extensions. You will also need a rat-tail comb, a wide-toothed comb, a moisturizer, bobby pins, and an elastic string with which to hold the pony tail. Divide the hair into four parts or more for thinner micro braids. Braid each section of your hair down to the tips. Tie the braided hair with the string to secure it. If your hair is too short, wrap the natural hair around the middle part of the hair extension and then braid them together until you reach the end.

  2. Opt for micro half braids if you prefer the wavy effect. The braided bases will look chic, while the rest of the hair will look bouncy and wavy.

  3. Try curly-style micro braids. Using a curling iron, curl each braided end to create a pipe-curl look. Just make sure not to overdo the curling because the heat of the curling iron will damage your hair strands. You can also use hair rollers to curl the braids: After washing your hair, pat it dry with a towel then begin rolling each braid with hair rollers. Blow dry the hair until all the braids are dry. Remove the hair rollers carefully and see if the curly look suits you.

  4. Try the sleek ponytail style. It is simple but absolutely stunning. Bring all the thin micro braids back to your nape. Create a ponytail in that position then tie it to secure it. Make the ponytail stylish by using chic beads or trying other creative ideas for decoration.

  5. Try the braided bob style for short and sassy hair. This style is a more relaxed look, suitable for the lady on the go. The braiding procedure is the same as that for other micro braid styles. It just resembles the shape of a bob cut – with the strands of the braids hanging freely on the sides just below the jaws and trimmed to the same length at the back. It can have bangs as well. Just maintain it with moisturizer to keep it smooth.

Once you learn how to style micro braids, you will have a world of options at your finger tips. Just remember to shampoo and condition your hair before micro braiding. The hair must be healthy and tough because micro braiding puts intense pressure on every strand. Wash your braids at least two times a week to remove residue and to keep your scalp clean. Use moisturizing cream to restore the hair’s elasticity and to keep the strands strong. Treat your hair with hot oil once in a while using a good, store-bought, hot-oil treatment. Use hair-styling lotion on your braids to keep them shiny.


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