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tips to get into shape fast

tips to get into shape fast

Are you conscious of your body? Are you having problems getting into shape fast? Well, it’s good that you are too concerned with your health. That’s a sign of health consciousness. Too many people dream to reduce fat but they’re too occupied with their daily activities. They have no time to go to the gym and have some fitness exercises. How to get into shape fast is not a problem if you are properly guided. While it’s true that many of us are pre-occupied with so many activities. But we can definitely manage our time. We should always remember that if it already involves our health we should not take this for granted. We can only live once and we should live life to the fullest, enjoying every second, every minute and every hour that we can still enjoy - for the family, our friends, relatives, business associates, and all other people that are near and dear to our hearts. This article will guide you on how you can get into shape in a fast, safe and most effective way possible:

  1. Make a simple workout plan. This is the first thing that you can do if you are very interested in doing some weight loss activities.

    plan will guide you the whole duration of the program. Without this plan, you will not have a complete program of your daily workouts. Included in the plan is also your daily food intake plan which is very important in the whole duration of your weight loss program.

  2. You can pick at least 4 days of dedicated workouts. If you can have short exercises of at least 30 minutes every day, you can easily reduce fat and be back into shape again. This is only two hours every week to get fit. It’s only a matter of disciplining your body to go to the gym at 30 minutes in four days. Once you have changed your mindset, it would be all easy to exercise and reach your goal of getting into shape just like the others.

  3. Start Your Day One. In your Day One, I’m sure you are very excited for the workout. You just need to take it easy since its first day. Here, you can complete at least 3 sets of the exercises mentioned below with one minute interval between each set.


    Chin-ups/Pull ups

    Lunges (increase difficulty by dumbbells)

    dumbbells Flyers

  4. Start Day Two. At a school near you, find an open field. You can mark at least 100 yards and you sprint this distance as fast as you could for a total of 6-10 times. Have at least 2 minutes of rest for each sprint. You can also add at least 10-20 pushups if you want more challenge.

  5. Day Three. You only need to repeat Day Two.

Okay, so you now completed the first part of the program and you just need to repeat it for the whole duration. In as little as two weeks you can see the result of this weight loss program. Remember that without dedication you cannot reduce fat. It’s so easy to eat a lot of fatty foods and enjoy bar hopping every day, which can easily accumulate fats into the body. However, when you realize your body is becoming too fat for you to control, it’s so hard to get slim and fit. How to get into shape fast is not a problem if you know the most effective ways of reducing fat and taking control of your daily food intake. Try the steps listed above, I guarantee you that it work if properly followed.


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