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ways to celebrate your anniversary

ways to celebrate your anniversary

There are different anniversaries to celebrate.  It could be an opening of a new company, a birth of a child or a grand event like the launching of a space shuttle. This article is about ways to celebrate your anniversary with your special someone.  Though there are a thousand and one ways to do it, here are some suggestions you can try:

  1. Prepare a surprise gift.  Personalized gifts never fail to please a partner.  Think of something he or she would love to have.  It need not be expensive as long as it is sincerely from the heart.  Try to be creative and unique with your choice.  This may be a thing to wear or something to keep.  Make sure he or she has not seen it yet so as not to spoil the element of surprise.

  2. A special dinner for just the two of you.  Book a table in a cozy restaurant in town where you can order your favorite dish and bottle of wine.  Don’t forget to whisper sweet nothings when dessert is served. It will complement the moment as you savor the sweet delight.

    you talk only about the good and enjoyable events in your life together.

  3. Schedule an out of town trip or a dream holiday.  Depending on your budget, you can plan this ahead.  It can be just the two of you or with your kids or very close friends.  Make sure you leave behind your laptops and your mobile phones are put on silent mode.  Work should not spoil the fun and excitement you are about to share.

  4. Prepare a special dinner at home.  A home cooked meal is always appreciated as it is done with great effort on your part.  You also know what your partner likes, especially when you have been together for quite some time already.  If cooking is not really your forte, you can order some of the entrees and just serve it at home.  The food should be sumptuous and the conversation sweet and relaxed.

  5. Show up at the office on his or her lunch break with a warm hello.  Check with his secretary or colleague to see how the schedule is for the day.  If it’s too hectic, make the arrangement after work.

  6. Throw a party for close relatives and friends.  It is sometimes good to share the occasion with the people closest to you.  They too will share your happiness and will support you in whatever you may experience in life.

  7. Celebrate over a cup of latte with lots of stories to tell. This is practical for the financially challenged.  It will be nice to talk about your memories together over a cup of coffee.  Recall unforgettable moments and how they made you closer to each other.

  8. Renew your vows.  This is a symbol that the love you share is still as intense as when you started.  This will also be a special event for your children if you have any.  Invite the whole clan should you opt for a grand celebration or just the close friends and relatives for a special banquet.  Holding hands and expressing your love for each other will be ideal.

It pays to try different ways to celebrate your anniversary every time so your partner will look forward to it the next year.  This should not be taken for granted as it will rekindle and renew your special feelings for each other.  This will make you closer and will make life together more special and exciting.


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