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ways to control diabetes with diet

ways to control diabetes with diet

In North America, the diabetes rates have been increasing significantly for the last two decades. Around 90 percent of diabetic cases are type 2, and the remaining 10 percent being type 1. According to the Centers for Disease Control, this change is already an epidemic. That is why many people are now eager to know the ways to control diabetes with diet, which is fairly inexpensive, healthy, and has no side effects. Once the blood sugar levels are not managed properly, complications like: liver damage, heart disease, nerve impairment, chronic kidney failure, and erectile dysfunction are likely to arise, including retinopathy which can eventually lead to blindness. To avoid the life-threatening consequences of diabetes, let us study some diet tips in controlling blood sugar levels.

  1. See a nutritionist. Find a nutritionist that specializes in making meal plans for people afflicted with diabetes. In so doing, you will be advised on the kind and quantity of foods to eat and when to eat them.

    A personalized meal plan may be designed in accordance with your activity level, medical needs, and lifestyle. The Diabetes Centers of America, for example, have field clinics all throughout Texas that help patients in managing and preventing diabetes. If you’d like to create your own diet plan, let us discover a few helpful guides.

  2. Try the TLC diet. Referred to as the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet, this is recommended for individuals experiencing abnormal cholesterol levels. This type of diet can help reduce your intake of nutrients that can increase your cholesterol level. Part of the diet regimen is to reduce weight by engaging in a number of physical activities.

    As mentioned in tlcdiet.net, The TLC diet is one of the best ways for someone to proceed with watching what they eat by looking out for the amount of cholesterol that they consume from food. The cholesterol intake of the patient is closely monitored. The overall effect is the reduction of bad, LDL cholesterol.

  3. Go for an ABCs diet. Letter “A” refers to the A1C hemoglobin test which determines your average blood sugar level for the last three months. Letter “B” refers to your blood pressure. Letter “C” means your cholesterol level. In this diet regimen, as much as possible the diabetic person should achieve normal blood pressure, a balanced cholesterol level, and regular, blood sugar control.

  4. Know the Food Exchange List System. In this diet system, foods are separated by categories like the meat group, carbohydrate or starch group, fruits and vegetables group, and fats group. The system identifies your daily meal plan based on exchanges or units. According to wisegeek.com, the Food Exchange System is easy to follow by simply observing the recommended portion sizes of foods.

    Meat exchanges include an ounce of meat, poultry, and fish. Other protein sources which are non-meats like peanut butter and beans are also counted. Carbohydrate exchanges include grains, cereals, starchy vegetables, and breads. For fruit exchanges, the quantities are often smaller like taking half a medium-sized banana in a meal.

  5. Use low-glycemic, natural sweeteners.  According to fitsugar.com, the best, natural sweetener is stevia. Made from a plant that is 300 times sweeter than sugar, it has zero calories and a score of less than 1 on the glycemic scale. Other acceptable, natural sugars and their scores are: agave syrup (15), brown rice syrup (25), and raw honey (30). It is best to spread your sugar usage out through the day to avoid a blood sugar spike by having a rich, sugar-laden dessert.

It is best to avoid artificial sweeteners like: Aspartame, Saccharine, Sucralose, and Acesulfame-k. Research is showing that many of these artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancer and other health problems. For example, people suffering from phenylketonuria should avoid Aspartame, and pregnant women are cautioned not to take Saccharine. Having phenylketonuria means you cannot metabolize phenylalanine, a kind of amino acid found in many proteins. According to the American Diabetes Association, too high an intake of artificial sweeteners can possibly lead to diarrhea. Other than the tips we have discussed on the ways to control diabetes with diet, there are still many approaches available in order to control the complications of this disorder. Participate in regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle; get plenty of rest, and smoking cessation. Coping with diabetes means self-discipline. It means living a monitored life so you can continue living.


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