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Ways to Cure Dog Allergies

Ways to Cure Dog Allergies

Skin irritations are only few of the common symptoms of dog allergies. How to cure dog allergies is also applicable to those dogs that seem to have colds and crying dogs. Vomiting dogs are not always pregnant. They can be allergic to some food ingredients especially when it comes with diarrhea. Whether the antigens are caused by parasites or environmental in nature, these remedies will be a big help:

  1. Be aware of the common causes of dog allergies. Try to get some connections with these types of allergens with your dog’s exposures. If the dog is allergic to the saliva of parasites, it can be very obvious because you can see traces of the bites and other reactions from the dog’s skin. If it’s seasonal, the more that you’ll know about it because it only occurs at the same time of the year. Food contents can also be eliminated right away if you’re keen on what you’re feeding the dog.

  2. Get your veterinarian’s opinion when you do not have any clue on what’s causing your dog’s allergies. In many cases, allergies are symptoms of another major disease affecting an internal organ.

    not be ignored for a long time because the health of your dog can deteriorate as time progresses.

  3. Feel free to apply natural remedies to your dog’s allergies when you’re convinced that it’s fleas that are giving it a hard time. These can’t do any harm to your dog. The only downside if you are mistaken with your suspicion - is that it won’t get rid of the allergies. Catnip and Pennyroyal are some natural treatments for allergies brought about by flea infestation.

  4. Restrict your dog from eating anything that is not from its feeding bowl. This will help you sort out which food the dog is allergic from. Do not give access to your dog to table scraps. Make a gradual change when you have to substitute its diet by mixing most part of its regular food with the new recipe until the change will reach 100%. Observe for 3 weeks if its diarrhea or vomiting settles down with the new dog food, homemade or not.

  5. Make quality choices when you opt for commercially available dog foods. There are actually good store-bought dog foods but they can actually be costly because reliable manufacturers only use quality ingredients. Stick with the trusted ones rather than experimenting on cheap stuff.

  6. Purify the air in your house using an air purifying device. This is effective in counteracting allergens that are air-borne. This is a good remedy for both dogs and residents in your household.

  7. Do not tolerate watching your dog desperately scratching its skin. The itchiness can become very painful especially when the intense scratching already results to cuts and bruises. Apply non-chemical ointments for itch relief without delay after every bath ideally twice a week. Calendula and oatmeal treated cool rinses will give tremendous relief to your dog.

Do not be afraid in facilitating how to cure dog allergies. It is harmless to use herbal products to your dog. You can experiment on these remedies but never attempt to do so with medically formulated drugs. If you are keen in researching for safe anti-allergy remedies to your dog, no doubt that you can come across with many more alternative especially Chinese herbal products used since ancient periods. Get hold of them as fast as you can. Anything holistic is worth trying for your pet’s comfort.


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