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ways to get out of a date

ways to get out of a date

Going out on a date is supposed to be an opportunity to meet new individuals and have fun. It is a moment wherein you can express your feelings and hope that eventually you can build a lasting relationship. However, if the date turns out to be boring, what will you do? Certainly, you would not want to offend the other party. There are a number of valid ways to get out of a date. Here’s how:

  1. Express your feelings. Is it polite to do so? The answer is “yes.” Rather than pretending for the whole night that you are perfectly okay, be honest and tell the other party that you don’t find the date as something enjoyable or exciting. Remember, lying doesn’t make sense; it only makes you fool yourself and the other person. While you are not expecting that the date will turn out really bad, you can tell your date that maybe you can try it again in a different place with a different activity. This will be beneficial to both of you.

  2. Do it politely.

    ng> Being polite is extremely necessary. Having a bad date does not necessarily mean that the other person won’t show up again in the future. If it’s a dinner date, choose to skip dessert and tell the other person it would be a good idea to call it a night so both of you can go home early. If it’s a party, text or call a number of friends so you can introduce your date to them. Thereafter, politely inform your date that you’ll hang out with your friends somewhere else. Doing so will not really embarrass the other person.

  3. Make up excuses. You can invent so many excuses like a sudden illness, family emergency, working late, or a rain check. The most effective excuse is illness. Just say “I was really sick earlier, and I thought I would be okay tonight” or “My head is pounding so badly, and it would be a good idea if I take a rest at home.” Tell a few lies if you must. Create realistic mistakes like you forgot to turn off the oven, and there is no one at home you can call, or you forgot to lock the front door. Try to be sorry that you can’t stay any longer so your date will not be upset.

  4. Say goodbye graciously. If your date takes your rejection well, say thank you for his understanding, time, effort, and kindness. Your gratefulness can make the other party realize that he is still a good person even if he has no date for that night. Say “goodbye” or “goodnight” right away before your date can ask to have another date in the future.

  5. Be openly frank. If all else fails, your last recourse is to be frank about your date. Be honest and tell the other person why you are simply bored or he is not the type of person you want to go out with on a date. If watching a movie does not interest you on a first date, let your date know. If you have honest advice you want to share, do him a favor and share it with him.

Getting out of a boring date requires a strong spirit and guts. Many people believe that dropping a date doesn’t have to hurt the other party. You can find more ways to get out of a date on the Internet. It is crucial that you keep in mind the other party’s feelings when calling off a date. It is not asking too much to stay gentle and kind while trying to dump your date.


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