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Ways to Grow a Flower Garden

Ways to Grow a Flower Garden

A garden is simply described as a blossoming place filled with beautiful and fragrant flowers. The sight of a well kept and flourishing garden delights the eye and elates the feeling of an individual. When you want to add color to your home, you need to learn the ways to grow a flower garden. This will be far better than just opting to buy artificial flowers from your local store. It may not be as easy as you think it is, especially when it is your first time. However, it will be an engaging and fun activity to do, especially when you are a mother who chooses to stay at home and take care of your children. An alternative way of taking advantage of the time that you have at home is by gardening or creating a green house. An added advantage is that you can choose what kinds of flowers to grow. As they blossom, you can creatively arrange them and decorate them in your home. Here are important ways and phases you need to know on how to create a lovely garden: Planning and Preparation Stage

  1. Plan how your garden will look like.

    Before you head to the local garden store, you have to plot out how you want your garden to look like and consider things such as the location and dimensions of the garden. A paper and pen will be helpful tools for you to put into drawing the kind of garden you are imagining. You need to know what you want your garden to look like before actually doing it to make sure that the money and effort you put into it is not wasted. Use edging stones, mark the outer borders of your garden, which will help you prevent weeds from sprouting up in your garden and prevent the water from wiping your garden out.

  2. Consider the amount of sunlight. On the diagram that you drew, indicate how much sunlight each portion of your garden receives during the morning and daytime. Plants need the sun to grow and to produce food. Getting six to eight hours of sunlight a day will surely help your growing flowers. List, also, the supplies such as edging stones, shovels and plant food, which you will need to start with your garden. Purchase them all at once from a garden store.

  3. Test the soil and pick the flower of your choice. The growth of a flower will depend on how rich and prepared the soil is. Around your garden, do a simple soil test and remember to take note of the pH levels. Take out the debris and weeds from the soil and balance the pH level by using compost or lime. You are now ready to visit your local nursery to buy your choice flowers.

Planting and Growing
  1. Spread the bedding flowers on top of the soil. Do not plant the flowers yet but just scatter them throughout the soil in accordance with their color, sunlight need and your personal preference. Large flowers will serve as foundation plants, while the smaller ones becomes their accent. Let it stay that way for a few days while you make some changes.

  2. Plant the flowers. When you have made up your mind regarding your garden and its arrangements, you can now start planting the large ones followed by the smaller flowers. Plant them according to height so that they come out beautifully and without overlap.

  3. Water the plants. To help settle the plants, you have to water them thoroughly. When all of the flowers have been planted, put a layer of mulch over the top soil to cover it so that it does not leave room for the water to evaporate. This will help keep the nutrients needed by the plant to grow.

Take care of your garden and handle the plants well so that you can harvest only the finest and freshest of flowers. You need to keep in mind all that you have researched and be mindful of watering schedules and other important gardening secrets. Learning the ways to grow a flower garden can be a rewarding experience that you can pass on to your little ones.


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