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ways to help cancer patients

ways to help cancer patients

The very thing a person will think of, after he or she has been diagnosed with cancer, is how to live life normally. This question is something that friends and loved ones can address by applying different ways to help cancer patients. Providing a supportive network consisting of loving, affectionate and kind persons is important. In dealing with a cancer patient, you might be wondering what to do or say. Unknown to you, your presence is already valuable. We’ll discuss a few important tips that will give you the freedom to listen, speak up and give comfort to the patient. Just believe that you can make a difference in the life of anyone experiencing cancer.

    1. Just say anything sincere. There is no reason why you should feel hesitant to reach out. In fact, it won’t take much of your time. Saying “I’ve been thinking about you” is very comforting. “That cancer cannot take anything from you,” sounds very empowering. Informing the patient of the latest events -- “Hey, the latest movie of your favorite actor George Clooney is coming very soon” – can help the patient feel that he or she is still part of the outside world.


    2. Acknowledge the disease. Never hide the reality to the patient. Don’t pretend that he or she is fine. Cancer patients find it really hard to deal with people who cannot even say the dreaded word “cancer.” However, let the patient understand that it is not the same as the death sentence. Once the patient feels that you acknowledge the disease, the communication between the two of you becomes open. In that way, you can openly talk about the disease and help the patient’s recovery in one way or another.

    3. Avoid comparison. For example, never mention a friend of yours who had cancer, and how that person is now engaged in kickboxing. That can’t encourage the patient

to survive. That will only leave a hanging question in the patient’s mind about whether she or he can do the same.
  1. Encourage the patient to socialize. Cancer patients have the tendency to isolate themselves from the rest of society. Although, the patient’s exposure to the outside is very limited due to the sensitivity of his or her health, you can still take time to join the patient in fun activities.

  2. Do simple day-to-day tasks. A cancer patient is not totally disabled, although there are times when there is no more energy to run errands. Never ask what things have been left undone, because the patient may feel much guilt. Just volunteer to cook for dinner or perhaps, clean the house on a weekend. Also, you can attend to the needs of the children at home. In any way that you can help, do it selflessly. That will make the patient feel you really care.

  3. Join the patient during treatment. This can take a portion of your time, but always focus on the feeling of accomplishment that comes with helping someone in need. Accompany the patient to the hospital. Buy the medicines prescribed by the doctor, and see to it that the patient is following the schedules as provided. There may be moments that the patient is too tired to listen to the doctor. In that case, take charge. Keep a detailed list of the succeeding check-ups.

In every little thing that you do, don’t allow the idea of perfection affect you. Surely, simple gestures of love can go a long way. These are just a few of the many ways to help cancer patients recover as soon as possible. Never let the patient feel that he or she is alone while going through the battle.


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