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Ways to Modify Cat Behavior

Ways to Modify Cat Behavior

A domesticated cat cannot be considered ‘domestic’ if she has not been trained to be gentle and sociable. Your cat can manifest different behaviors, both the good and the bad, such as aggression, disobedience, and dominance. As a responsible pet owner, you must know how to modify cat behavior, most especially if she shows signs of aggression towards you and other animals. Your safety and those of the people around your pet cat should also be considered as you help change her behavior. This may come as a challenge on your part; however, doing this will be beneficial to you and your feline. It may not happen overnight, but you will achieve this through a step-by-step process.

  1. Pay your veterinarian a visit. Early detection of signs of aggression is a big help in modifying the behavior of your furred friend. As soon as these signs show up, bring her to your trusted veterinarian to see if any other medical condition is causing the aggression. Hyperthyroidism, arthritis, dental and nervous diseases in cats is usually associated with aggression.

    The solution to aggression must only come after medical conditions have been treated and eliminated.

  2. Deny your kitty of her favorite stalking place. Young cats and kitties tend to display what is considered ‘play aggression.’ Your cat may have this kind of aggression when she constantly bites or scratches you during play time or when she loves to stalk you around then suddenly attacks you. If you encounter such problems, you may remedy this behavior by not allowing her to be given a chance to stalk you.

    You can also place a tiny bell on her collar so you will be aware of the whereabouts of the kitty. Physical punishment like a tap on the nose is highly discouraged when altering the behavior of your pet cat as she might take this as a challenge. Walk away and ignore her, if you must, let her know that rough and harsh play is no play at all.

  3. Avoid anything that provokes fear in your feline. The fear of a cat manifests through aggressive behavior as a defense mechanism towards people, animals or noises – even a trip to the vet’s clinic may elicit fear. The best option to take is to keep away from anything that can cause the cat to be afraid. You may also start a desensitization program on her by exposing her to whatever she is frightened of at a safe distance. Do not give words of consolation as she may take this as an approval for inappropriate behavior and do not let visitors express fear and cowardice to a cat that is showing signs of aggression because of fear.

  4. Physical pain must immediately be resolved. Aggression caused by an induced pain must be given attention and taken care of as soon as possible, especially when you have to carry the cat to administer her medication. Past trauma can also cause this kind of aggression, so be as gentle and careful as possible when lifting her up. Prepare treats as a reward for her, but do not use kind and petting words towards her if she demonstrates any form of aggression. Take her to the veterinarian, if you must, to alleviate the physical pain.

There are many other forms of improper and unwanted behaviors that your cat can display at any time. It is, therefore, highly important to know how to modify cat behavior for her to live a safer, comfortable and convenient life.


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