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Ways to Potty Train a Cocker Spaniel

Ways to Potty Train a Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are amazing and excellent dog breed. They are multi-talented, smart and happy dogs. Given the right training, a Cocker Spaniel will delight you. Now, start with the basics and learn how to potty train a Cocker spaniel. Here are some tips:

  1. Construct a crate for your Cocker. Crating is a helpful technique to use while your dog is learning its routine in toileting. Build a crate near the Cocker’s potty area. Ensure that the crate has enough space for your dog. You may also purchase some chewable and squeaky toys for it. A comfy mat will make sure it settles there every time it needs quality rest.

  2. Find a suitable space for the Cocker’s potty area inside the crate if the space is large enough. Dogs are meticulous when it comes to their sleeping area. They do not normally defecate where they relax. Mark the boundary of the chosen spot by using an old newspaper or absorbent mat. This is useful when you are not at home or asleep. Confine the dog during the day, but bring it out of the crate once you arrive home and let it to potty in the backyard.


  3. Design an appropriate toilet-training routine for the dog according to its age. A puppy cannot control its bladder as well as adult dogs. But it is easier for a puppy to follow the schedule. A puppy will normally pee and sometimes poop every two hours, and shortly after its nap and meals. Be patient in teaching the cocker to go out of the crate to potty, and then guide it to the toilet spot. Dogs normally sniff and scratch before they are about to eliminate.  Put some old newspapers on the ground where you want it to unload.

  4. Support the training with positive reinforcement. A Cocker spaniel can easily become motivated if the owner is passionate and loving. Lots of praises and exciting treats will do wonders. Be sensitive to your Cocker’s temperament during its training sessions. Despite making the training intense, do not forget to have fun. Treats should always be available if you want your dog to follow your commands. You should also be cheerful when rewarding it.

  5. Bring your dog to potty train outdoors. As the dog grows older, gradually adjust its toileting routine. To teach it to hold its bowels a little bit longer, take it out from its crate and invite it to play outside. After playing and running, command it again to go potty before you allow it to enter the house. Be consistent with this method so that the dog can keep up with the new routine.

  6. Include daily outdoor activities as part of the routine. Cockers that are shy and scared are normally the ones that were not allowed to socialize when they were still puppies. Spare at least 20 to 30 minutes daily walking in the morning and in the afternoon. You may take the dog to the public park during weekends to mingle with people.  Cockers are also playful with children. Let your Cocker get acquainted with them under close supervision.

Be committed and determined to give hands-on potty training for your Cocker. A well-trained Cocker can be good in different fields. Continue to research more training methods to make your pet well-rounded.  Being successful on how to potty train a Cocker spaniel is an achievement that you can be proud of.


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