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ways to prevent asthma attacks

ways to prevent asthma attacks

The Global Initiative for Asthma defines asthma as “a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways in which many cells and cellular elements play a role.” Even if asthma is regarded as a long-lasting obstructive health condition, it can still be reversed. Asthma can cause much inconvenience. However, there are ways to prevent asthma attacks on a daily basis. A case of acute asthma attack exacerbation is also known as an asthma attack. The common signs and symptoms include chest tightness, pain in breathing, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. An attack is impending if you feel that your pulse is weaker as you breathe in and stronger as you breathe out (paradoxical pulse), while your chest seems to be over-inflated. If your nails and skin look bluish, that indicates lack of oxygen. Before anything drastic can happen, let us study a number of techniques in preventing asthma attacks.

  1. Stay away from your triggers. According to breathefree.com, asthma can vary from one person to another. Therefore, it is vital that you know the kind of asthma you have as well as your own triggering elements, signs and symptoms.

    voiding your triggers is the most effective way of controlling asthma. Common triggers include air pollution, dust mites, physical exercise, fur, feathers, pollen tobacco smoke, and fragrances and cosmetics that contain volatile organic compounds. To some individuals, crying, fear, coughs and colds are considered triggering factors.

  2. Drink a cup of coffee. When attacked, drink or breathe in a cup of coffee, preferably brewed coffee that has an overpowering odor. A study released through the New England Journal of Medicine mentions that caffeine, usually found in strong-flavored coffee, is a good bronchodilator, which can ease any breathing problem. Use caffeine as an emergency remedy against wheezing, especially if you don’t have an inhaler at hand.

    Also, consuming a cup of tea is very effective against mild wheezing. Tea has theophylline content that can relax the airways muscles while it reduces the degree of inflammation.

  3. Avoid stress. Stress does nothing good for your health. Every time you wheeze, reduce stress by breathing slowly from your diaphragm. If possible, count one and two, then slowly breathe in, feeling your stomach rise. Count three and four and slowly breathe out. Practice this manner of breathing to make you feel more relaxed every time an asthma attack sets in.

  4. Take your medicine properly. Knowing the set of drugs to take, the correct doses, and when to consume them is crucial in controlling asthma. Therefore, you should use your Preventer or Controller Inhaler as prescribed. As explained on breathefree.com, controller medicines are proven effective in controlling asthma. Individuals with persistent symptoms must observe long-term asthma medications in order to control an attack and the underlying swelling.

  5. Monitor your lung power. Use a Peak Flow Meter or Breathe-O Meter in checking your lung power regularly. After taking a dose of controller medicines, use this instrument to measure your power in blowing out air in your lungs. Measuring your breathing improvement, even if you have not had any attack for days, will help you in taking control of your asthma on a daily basis.

  6. See your doctor regularly. You and your doctor are partners in controlling your asthma attacks. Hence, even if no attacks occurred in the last few days, you still have to see your doctor. Never discontinue taking your medications without consulting your doctor first. In every clinic visit, always bring whatever medical files you have pertaining to your condition. That can help your doctor understand your medical history at a glance.

  7. Improve your lifestyle. You can still eat the foods you enjoy. Just avoid foods that can activate an allergy attack such as nuts, packaged foods with additives, and bottled foods full of preservatives.

    Unwind and relax to lower stress levels.  Start yoga to cultivate your interest in performing physical exercises. Take a walk in the park, watch your favorite movie, and do anything that you really enjoy. Eliminating stress can help a lot in preventing asthma attacks.

Individuals suffering from asthma must know the different ways to prevent asthma attacks. After all, prevention is always better than a cure. Take measures to eliminate common allergens in your surroundings. While asthma has no known cure, you can perfectly control and prevent it from occurring.


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