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ways to prevent breast cancer

ways to prevent breast cancer

Any type of cancer is not a simple disease that you can just ignore, and breast cancer is one of them. Over the years, there are many health organizations that educate the public about breast cancer and several ways to prevent breast cancer. Generally, cancer is a result of the abnormal and uncontrolled mutations of cells in our body. To be more specific, breast cancer is a malignant tumor that originates and develops from the cells located in the breast. Studies show that majority of the breast cancer development starts as lumps in the lobule cells (milk producing glands) or it can be the part where the milk flows to the nipple. Like any type of cancer, the causes of breast cancer are still vague. It has been known that the risk goes up as age increases. Also, three quarters of breast cancer patients are those who have already gone through menopause. Although 1 out of 10 women will develop breast cancer, this disease can also occur in men. We all have cancer cells in our body. The disease takes its course when certain stimulus provokes them to act and mutate abnormally.

With this in mind, we certainly would want to prevent any type cancer.

  1. Exercise is always good. It keeps your body healthy and may decrease the risk of uncontrolled mutation of breast cells.

  2. Avoid stressing out. Cancer has always been associated with stress. This is because that with stress, your body will also try to adapt to the stress. When the time comes that your body can’t cope up with the stress, cancer cells tend to be aggravated and finally, mutate. You can cope with stress in any manner that suits you. You can watch a movie, eat ice cream, sleep, and much more.

  3. For new mothers, breastfeeding is one major step in order to prevent breast cancer. It is also very healthy for your child because breast milk is full of vitamins and minerals.

  4. Avoid an unhealthy lifestyle. Do not drink too much alcohol and do not smoke. They can certainly trigger unwanted cancer cells and can lead to lots of different kinds of cancer.

  5. Always wear good quality bras. They provide support and can limit stress. Number one rule is to know your size. A bra should not be too tight and cover the whole breast, including the part near your armpits. When wearing wired bras, make sure it supports the entire base of the breast. Moreover, always wear bras. There are different types of bras for different activities like breastfeeding and sports. Even when you go to sleep, you can wear a simple sports bra. The key here is to always have breast support even while you’re sleeping.

  6. Always be observant. Breast cancer can be detected early. All you have to do is to check for lumps on your breasts. You can self-examine yourself 10 days before your period. Raise one hand and put it on top of your head. (If you raised the right hand, check the right breast) Then you can feel for lumps by lightly but firmly pressing your fingers on your breast in a circular motion (starting on the outer part towards the nipple). If you feel anything unusual, consult your doctor for further examinations.

The ways to prevent breast cancer above can really help reduce the risk of developing it. They aren’t so hard to follow, and they may be the things that could save you. Make it a habit to incorporate them into your life.


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