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Ways To Prevent Poisoning

Ways To Prevent Poisoning

Statistics show that poisoning is one of the leading causes of death and injury at home. Most of the victims are helpless kids and their deaths and injuries can directly be attributed to the negligence and lack of prudence of their guardians at home. To address this problem, it is wise to know different ways to prevent poisoning. All that is required is prudence. Be extra cautious in dealing with your chemical-based household cleaning products, cosmetics, medicines and toxic liquids. All these home items, as a general rule, must be kept out of reach of children. Toxic materials have no place in areas where they can be directly seen by kids. They should be labeled as “dangerous item” to effectively warn your kids to refrain from touching them. Learning the basic fundamentals on how to properly prevent poisoning is definitely a must. Safety is everyone’s responsibility in the first place. Let us look into the following tips about poisoning prevention.

  1. Proper orientation. All members of the house must be properly informed about poisoning, the presence of chemical products at home, and the dangers posed by these chemicals.

    ung children should be taught the basic safety measures.

  2. Have a safe cabinet. A safe cabinet is a must in the bathroom, comfort rooms and in the kitchen. In the bathroom, shampoos and other body cleaning agents should not be displayed in the open. They must be kept in a cabinet after every use. The same is true with the bathroom and comfort room cleaning materials, such as hydrochloric acid and other cleaning solutions. They must be kept in a safe and dry place and locked up when not in use.

  3. Put cleaning products and other chemicals in proper containers. It is not enough that you place your chemical-based cleaning products in a safe cabinet. The chemicals themselves must be put into appropriate containers. Otherwise, leaks and evaporation may occur, creating additional hazards.

    The chemical-based cleaning products and harmful chemicals must be tightly capped or properly closed. Apart from avoiding the possibility of leaks and evaporation, kids will have difficulty opening containers that are tightly capped.

    Chemicals that look the same as water must be placed in colored glass containers and not in transparent glasses. Children may mistake the chemicals for water and drink them if they are in transparent containers. This is a very common poisoning scenario that happens to kids.

  4. Label each container. Labeling would further help everyone in distinguishing the content of each container. By simply reading what is written on the label -- “CHLORINE” for instance -- you learn the contents. On the chemical containers, apply a poisonous sign or a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign.

  5. Put medicines out of the reach of children. Medicines must be kept in a separate cabinet. Do not put them in the first-aid cabinet kit at home. As a precaution, when taking medicines, make sure that you do it when the children are not watching. Young kids love to mimic what they see their parents do. Curiosity is a basic instinct among kids.

  6. Cover your nose and mouth while cleaning the house. This is necessary especially if you are using chemical-based cleansers in sanitizing your house. In addition, ensure that there is proper ventilation while you do the job. The air must properly circulate to avoid suffocation. Your mouth and nose should be covered to avoid inhaling toxic chemicals.

  7. Post emergency numbers visibly. The emergency numbers should be posted in conspicuous places at home. They must be written in bold letters and numbers. They must be printed in red colors to indicate emergency.

The importance of knowing a few ways to prevent poisoning is very essential among household owners. It is true that prevention is better than any cure. Make use of the steps identified above. Follow them to make your home accident-free.


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