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ways to sell a car on eBay

ways to sell a car on eBay

eBay is a very popular online store continually maintained and administered by eBay Incorporated at its head office in San Jose, California, USA. This American company had been so successful with its online marketplace since September 3, 1995. The fast-pace expansion of eBay all over the world is really phenomenal as it reached more than 30 countries already. These credentials are more than enough for many people, especially car enthusiasts, to be encouraged to study ways to sell a car on eBay. The main reason why many car owners are venturing to advertise on eBay is because it has a worldwide market, which means the chance of selling their units is much higher. In the year 2010 alone, eBay was able to hit around $62 billion in total sales. In terms of cars, the eBay Motors page sells an average of 1 car in less than a minute. Hence, it is fair to assume that there are at least 60 vehicles sold online on eBay every minute. That’s awesome! Now, let us see how you can successfully sell your car on eBay too.

  1. Create an account on eBay.

    Go to eBay.com and open an account. For verification purposes, you may be required to provide checking account information together with your debit or credit card. Then, just follow the rest of the instructions.

    In order to sell your car, you should navigate to the eBay Motors page, click on the “Sell” tab found in the upper-most right portion of the page. The succeeding page will reveal “Start Selling Locally.” There you go.

  2. Input your vehicle category. This is necessary in order to properly categorize the type of vehicle you are selling. Proceed by entering the make, year, and model of your car. Include also the corresponding mileage. Don’t forget to “Save & Continue” the entries you have just entered.

    Input the VIN or the vehicle identification number of your car. You can find the VIN in the title of your car, and your existing insurance policy also has it.

  3. Your heading must be short. Most of the online buyers do not like to read much, so don’t overdo your heading. Put in necessary information like year, make, model, mileage, and color. These are the details that a potential buyer is looking for at the onset. Your heading serves as a quick information guide about your advertisement.

  4. Indicate clearly your ad price. More or less, the price of your car is the foremost concern of potential buyers that view your advertisement on eBay. Why? Because when they begin surfing the Internet and eventually land on eBay, they already have a pre-determined range. In the event that their budget aligns with the price of your car, then you will have potential buyers.

    The price must be fair and reasonable, which means overpricing is not advisable. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sell your car. To help you on this, you can freely consult the Kelley Blue Book on cars. Find the Edmunds research tool also, so you can make a thorough review about the possible selling price of your car. Find out also the prices of other similar cars, so you can decide wisely.

  5. Produce great photos of your vehicle. You can list a maximum of 24 pictures of your car on eBay. The images must include the exterior: the front, back, and both sides. Providing pictures showing the car’s tires and engine area is highly recommended. Provide as many pertinent pictures as possible.

  6. Be prompt with your potential buyers. It is best to not make your buyer wait until you are available, but be prompt with them instead. When a buyer shows interest in your car, meet him personally and close the deal. Once paid and the contract of sale is done, hand over the car title.

Selling you car online is very convenient. Even if you are asked to pay some amount as a seller on the site, that is all right. As long as you know good ways to sell a car on eBay, you will never have problems along the way. Go to eBay now, create your account, and advertise your car for sale. Happy selling!  


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