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Ways to Train Hunting Dogs

Ways to Train Hunting Dogs

Dog owners who are also keen hunters are often interested in learning how to train hunting dogs. This is actually a winning tandem between the master and the dog. Aside from having some wonderful times while hunting – a strong bond is also developed when they have to help each other in the wild. Here are some tips to make it even more special:

  1. Be prepared to allocate a substantial part of your life to your dog’s hunting training. This will require your dedicated attention and is very time consuming. Initiate the training at an early stage in your dog’s life – preferably when it’s still a puppy. It can be about the same time when your dog is being trained with positive reinforcements or right after that. Do not take the dog hunting prematurely without completing its hunting training.

  2. Impose strict discipline to your dog, but still retain the gentleness and kindness that will lead the dog to respect you. There will be times that your patience will be tested because a pet dog can be quite different from a hunting dog.

    commands to keep the dog within your reach – so that despite its hunting prowess, it will still be able to go through the game with you without getting lost. The fun will diminish when you end up looking for the lost dog, especially in extreme weather conditions.

  3. Secure an electric collar that can safely give your dog electric shocks when it misbehaves or does not follow commands. This is actually very convenient for you because you can control your dog by just pressing a button. The dog can also learn which behaviors it must avoid– so as not to experience the electric shocks.

  4. Continue using the electric collar when you are taking the dog for a real hunt. Use the collar whenever the dog loses focus and is distracted by other animals that are not the target of your hunt. Don’t worry; this will not be dangerous for the dog. It will just feel some tingling sensations that will continue unless it gets back on track.

  5. Measure the efficiency of your dog training by observing if your dog is constantly eyeing you and if it is right in front or behind you during the hunt. The dog uses its sense of smell to hunt the prey for the game – but the eyes must keep the dog at a safe distance from you. In most cases, the dog’s sense of smell is more intense than its ability to see, especially in vast areas.

  6. Keep your dog fit for the hunting game every season, aside from making it keen on the commands and the actions associated with them. You must ensure that exercise is part of its daily routine and that it is eating well. Avoid feeding your dog too much. Too much will make it a candidate for obesity. Obese dogs can seldom catch up with hunting activities, so there’s a high chance that your efforts in training your dog will just be wasted if it gains too much weight.

You will know that you are doing well on how to train hunting dogs when you and your pet have fun on your hunting outings. Otherwise, if you are experiencing too many problems, you may have to review the hunting training that your dog has gone through. It’s worth spending more time in training your dog rather than facing disaster someday.


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