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ways to treat breast cancer

ways to treat breast cancer

When the world is getting more educated about breast cancer, early detection plus the emergence of more advanced treatments are now saving lives or making life longer for the affected as explained by Breastcancer.org. Here, the different stages of cancer are explained, and there’s a corresponding suggested treatment for every stage. The ways to treat breast cancer have now come a long way. It is important to plan the desired treatment based on the options available and get a second opinion for the chosen procedure. The schedule of treatments must be possible for both the doctor and the patient. It will be a series of treatments for sure so being comfortable from the start with each other must be established. Let’s understand a bit about the following methods of treatment:

  1. Common breast cancer surgeries: Lumpectomy is a surgery done to conserve the breast. Mastectomy is the process to remove a breast. Prophylactic mastectomy is a surgery removing one or both breasts for risk reduction of breast cancer development. Breast reconstruction is surgery to rebuild a breast's shape after a mastectomy.

    he reconstructed breast does not have the sensitivity of the original breast but they look as good.

  2. Chemotherapy uses medicine to eliminate cancer cells in the body. It is a systemic therapy which means it affects the whole body by flowing through the bloodstream.

    Chemotherapy medicines vary according to the purpose. In many cases, two or more medicines will be combined in one chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

  3. Radiation therapy is also known as radiotherapy. It is a highly targeted and effective way to destroy cancer cells in the breast that can remain after surgery. Radiation prevents the re-occurrence of breast cancer. With limited side effects, radiation therapy is easier to endure contrary to popular belief. This treatment is facilitated only by a radiation therapy specialist who’s also a cancer physician.

  4. Hormonal therapy works two ways. Hormonal therapy medicines cure hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers first by lowering the amount of estrogen levels and secondly by blocking the estrogen action on cancer cells in the breast. This treatment is not for hormone-receptor-negative breast cancers.

  5. Targeted therapies will also be ordered by the doctor to regain the physical ability of the body after the surgery. Complementary and holistic medicines are necessary for the well-being of the patient. Drugs for treatment and risk reduction will be in the doctor’s prescription to maintain the reduced risk. Treatment for pain will be in the form of painkillers. Treatments for side effects are remedies for discomfort, and clinical trials will be scheduled to further monitor the progress of the treatments.

The series or combination of treatments will be designed by the doctor based on the deterioration or resistance of the cancer after the initial diagnosis and treatments. This article only aims to introduce the treatments available. Only a breast cancer specialist can do the final recommendations based on the actual assessment. Not all treatments are applicable for all patients. Consult your doctor and ask for a second opinion before agreeing to the doctor’s orders. The ways to treat breast cancer might be a little complicated, but the good news is the methods are proven to be effective. Despite the new innovations in treating breast cancer, manual self-examination is strongly advised because the treatments can only be beneficial when the disease is detected in its early stages. The doctors can only do so much when the cancer has already spread to other parts of the body.


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