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Ways to Vaccinate a Puppy

Ways to Vaccinate a Puppy

Vaccines that are injected just under the skin should not be that complicated to administer. However, when it requires to be injected into a muscle – let a medically inclined person to do this if not your vet. Know at least the basic steps on how to vaccinate a puppy if you want to save on costs especially when you have more than one. Get started by investigating the types of vaccines needed, dosage, frequency and the directions of administering them such as the following:

  1. Get at least the list of vaccines recommended by a veterinarian in your area. You may get it from a neighbor who also has dogs. There are certain vaccines necessary only to protect your dog against diseases that your location is prone to. Even the local pharmacy would know this too. Buy them together with a 3 cc syringe and 22 gauge needle if they are not included in the package of each vaccine. Each kind must have its corresponding set of disposable equipment. Do not re-use any of them in any case.

  2. Read the directions in each package.

    You may find 2 sets of vials in each containing one powdered and one liquid form. Some vaccines only have one vial when the mixture is already formulated or does not have to be activated. Attach the needle to the syringe tightly. Remove the cap from the needle but do not throw away yet for proper disposal when you are done.

  3. Draw the liquid solution from the vial using the syringe. Insert the needle into the vial and draw the contents by pulling the plunger of the syringe backwards while positioning the vial up-side-down.

  4. Add the drawn liquid into the powdered form by injecting it to its vial. Mix the mixture thoroughly by shaking the combined solutions after taking the needle out.

  5. Use the mixed vaccines by drawing it out from the vial. Inject a small amount out back into the vial to test it and to get rid of the excess air. You are now prepared to do the actual vaccination to your dog.

  6. Place your dog in a position that you will be more dominant in controlling it just in case it struggles hard. You can pin it down with your left arm when placed on a higher surface or with your left knee when lying on the floor.

  7. Condition the dog’s loose skin over the exposed shoulder. Raise the skin enough to form a triangle and just beneath the tip of the triangle, inject the syringe firmly but not strongly so as not to hit the other side of the folded skin. Hit the plunger until it can’t be pushed anymore to release the vaccine.

  8. Inject on the other shoulder alternatively when you are injecting more than one vaccine at a time. It is best to schedule it at least two vaccines every month at the minimum. This will help you to observe which vaccine your dog’s system reacts to.

  9. Return the cap of the needle before disposing. Do not include this kind of garbage in your regular disposal units. Bring them back to where you bought them for public safety and hygienic reasons.

It’s really not a big deal how to vaccinate a puppy. It’s just a matter of choice. Your dog may have some reactions to the vaccines like vomiting, difficulties in breathing and skin inflammation few hours after you’ve done it. Bring it to the vet when you see these symptoms of allergies but if they are just minor blemishes, just leave them for the rest of the weeks to heal.


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